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  • The 2013 Trikefest Tri-Z fundraiser!

    In the years past we've done a new fundraiser every year. This time we're doing a very special tribute machine that will be done a little bit different. Over the years there has been a number of fellow riders and friends made through this site that have passed away. The idea came about to make a tribute bike to these many different people, and allow one lucky person to end up owning this machine that is in memory of those that are not longer with us. Because of the special attention to detail required and for us to feel like we can do those people justice, this machine will be for the 2013 Trikefest.

    With that being said, I'd like to present to you the work in progress for the 2013 Trikefetst fundraiser, a 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z that is the tribute to fallen members. Our own Rob & Tammy Mosher has taken on this project and is working hard on this extra special build. This machine is a work in progress and is constantly evolving. Keep Your eyes and ears peeled here on 3WW to see how the build unfolds, we will make updates on the main page of the site from time to time and mention it on on the Facebook fan page as well.

    We've got a long (and constantly changing) list of contributors for this machine. So far they are:

    • Swinehart has donated the trike as well as a thankless amount of legwork and some other misc items that he makes..
    • Billy Golightly donated the footpegs
    • SBLT500R donated mucho Billet Bling from his Z arsenal.
    • Flyin Brian Modified the footpeg mounts with heavy duty plating to hold the massive footpegs. No more Weak Z footpegs. He is also currently working on a top mount Aluminum Tank that will hold near 2.5 gallons and do away with the fuel pump and under seat tank.
    • Corey Sprock has donated Misc. engine parts, including a Coolhead, and Custom billet intake, and heavy Duty Base Gasket.
    • SMS Motorsports is donating a billet Grab bar for the build and helping out with the rear tires.http://www.snydermotorsports.net/
    • A close Local friend has been handling all the aluminum polishing and legwork on Powdercoating, and has saved us a ton of time from running..(Thanks Hubert)
    • Garageboy 34 donated some aftermarket rear wheels and I am sure I will pick at him for some other odds and ends before this is over.
    • www.Cosmicquads.com aka Tammy and Rob are donating, The frame, custom Seat, Yamahondaman Billet and SS bling, Custom Maier Blue fenders, Banshee Shock, All associated Bearings and Cables, ETC..Ambush CST front tire, And I will be handling the mechanicals of the build.
    • Jason Hall here on the Boards did a stellar job on a plus 2 swinger.
    • Tattool Spent hours on photoshop work for me too. Thanks!
    • Cycles-R-US has donated several items; New turf tamers, Bearings, Fork seals, Front master cylinder from a 07 YFZ 450 and rear master cylinder kit. http://stores.ebay.com/Cycles-R-Us

    http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...om-Tri-Z-build You can view this thread for some additional information on the fundraiser.

    A $5 donation comes with one numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for this fundraiser, or 5 COA's for $20. Donations may be made through the 3WW Shop at this link or by contacting 3WW Member jeswinehart up through 2012 and up until a few days before Trikefest 2013.

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    1. badass350x's Avatar
      badass350x -
      Awesome Awesome AWESOME! Congratulations to everybody that Donated and the Mosh's for such a Fantastic Job!!
    1. tulsamike3434's Avatar
      tulsamike3434 -
      What a great thing to do! honoring fellow passed members this is a good thing!
    1. Big Mike's Avatar
      Big Mike -
      Just purchased 10 COAs for this fundraiser
    1. captainweezy's Avatar
      captainweezy -
      I just placed my order for a couple coa's. Thanks to all who have and will have a part in this build.
    1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
      Billy Golightly -
      Thank you sirs for your support!
    1. redskinman's Avatar
      redskinman -
      So if you buy 5 coa's does that mean your registered 5 times to win bike?
    1. RubberSalt's Avatar
      RubberSalt -
      If you cant make it to trike fest, can it be shipped?
    1. Howdy's Avatar
      Howdy -
      Quote Originally Posted by RubberSalt View Post
      If you cant make it to trike fest, can it be shipped?
      It may be possible to ship it. There is also a possibility that some one will be travelling your direction on the way home and they might be able to haul it part of the way ( or totally ). I think the one machine got piggy backed to Alabama this way ( someone correct me if I am wrong ).
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