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  • Demon Run ATV Trails Poker run! Oct 13,2012

    Demon Run ATV Trails
    Fall Poker Run!


    Saturday, October 13, 2012

    9am to 12pm
    Trails close at 4pm

    7201 Harris Hill Rd, Bath, NY 14810

    • Cash prizes for top three hands
    and lowest hand

    • $20 per driver, $5 per passenger ‡ includes:

    • 20 mile ride
    • Play Area
    • Mud Holes
    • Hill Climbs
    • Timed Mud Bog
    • Fun ATV Drags
    • Fun Barrel Racing

    ‡Two-up riding allowed ONLY on ATVs and UTVs
    manufactured for two riders. We do NOT allow double-riding on ATVs made for one person.


    Demon Run ATV Trails will be closed to the public during this event. Only Poker Run Participants will be allowed on the trails during this event.

    You do NOT have to be a member to participate in the Poker Run and there is no gate fee for Poker Run participants.
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    1. 86T3's Avatar
      86T3 -
      It says atvs [I]should[I] have registrations and insurance. Is that a suggestion or a rule?
    1. sweetip2000's Avatar
      sweetip2000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by 86T3 View Post
      It says atvs [I]should[I] have registrations and insurance. Is that a suggestion or a rule?

      Thats the email address I found to ask questions,

      So like ok we go to DMV and tell em we need a registration for an outlaw bike.
      Uh ok that will go over real well wont it ?
      Then we need to pay for insurance. No NY reg = no insurance

      They need a way to "take" money from you and when you get hurt you will never be able to use your "insurance" because you will need to take out a personal loan to pay the deductible.

      NY has some of the best riding and it has all been destroyed by design
    1. judge1959's Avatar
      judge1959 -
      i was having trouble seeing the trail since whoever was runing the camera had it pointed to the sky more than the trail, and it was out of focus making it blurry
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