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  • Sick Bros MX located in Cohocton NY Oct 21

    3 wheelers are invited out for the Oct 21st race

    We are unsure of rider turnout this is what we have come up with. 5 or less riders we will be doing a 1 moto at intermission format. If we get more then 5 riders we will do a 2 moto format like all other classes. We are doing it this way because if we get a low turnout we do not want to interrupt their established program for only a few trike riders. For more information on the track check out their site http://www.sickbrosonline.com/motocross_track.htm
    Depending on weather a Saturday practice may be available. (if it's raining and rained the night before probably not for track prep. If nice then it is a go) Saturday practice is a all day practice.

    Gate fee is 10.00
    Sign up fee is 30.00

    Camping is available and they do have water available but no other hookups.
    Average lap time is 2:00-2:30
    Gate opens at 7:am Practice starts at 9:am racing starts around 10:30

    For more information contact Bill @ tpc_trikes@yahoo.com

    Sign up if interested.
    Bill #32
    Fred #44
    Another TPC rider?
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    1. sweetip2000's Avatar
      sweetip2000 -
      ewwww 5 hours from here. Too far. Looks great from the pics.
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