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  • Trikefest 2014 Fundraiser Build COMPLETE: Honda ATC150

    Well guys, there are a few teeny tiny details to button up but I'm considering this machine complete. The details that I'm going to handle do not effect the overall look of the bike so I'm going to share these pictures with you all today. I'm also going to update the build thread but I wanted to start a new one for these final pictures. Big thanks go out to our fellow board member blue27, aka, Bruce at BlueLine Graphics for making and helping me install the awesome decals on this machine today!

    I also need to mention once again Kain (whtcamaro) and Pat (vealmonkey) for wiring assistance, flossy for the donation of the key switch dash panel and Jonathan (xowner) for the awesome wheels and tires plus assistance sourcing many parts. Derrick Adams also helped out getting some speedy powercoat done last minute for the build. Thanks also go out to the whole community here at 3WheelerWorld and other forums as well. Remember, the community by supporting these builds every year helps fund Trikefest trophies, port-a-johns, t-shirts, hats, our drag lighting system and a slew of other lesser known details of the event and even our forum here.

    This build started life as a bone stock Honda ATC70. The frame was stretched 3 inches and a brand new larger size metal tank was sourced from japan. The machine is powered by the incredibly powerful, Piranha 150cc manual clutch, electric start pit bike engine. To soften the ride a replica of the old school A+ suspended frame front end was put together and was complimented by a 7" Honda CB headlight. The headlight really brings an old school duner flare along with the vintage inspired decal striping. A battery compartment was added in frame along with mounts for the CDI and solenoid to keep the electrical neat and tidy. A complete end to end wiring harness was fashioned using VintageConnections connectors and insulator boots; these are OEM jap spec connectors crimped on just as they would have been at the factory.A 87 atc200x key switch dash replica mounts a 400ex key switch adds a touch of security and a pocketful of cool keys for this cool machine. Every item was either replaced or refurbished. A large amount of brand new OEM hardware was sourced along side of the many re-plated items. A brand new seat, consisting of new metal pan, new foam, and a strong excellently styled cover provides a coosh saddle. To make sure the brakes were up to par to stop a machine equipped with a large powerful engine a custom rear hydraulic disk brake setup was put together, of not is that it is completely bolt on setup and could be returned to OEM drum unit if it was so desired. The PRM grab bar mounted out back really makes loading this thing in and out of a pickup truck a breeze. To provide tool-less chain adjustments a spring loaded chain tensioner was added in place of the stock bolt on unit. The icing on this machine is the outstanding decals provided by Blue Line Graphics. They were developed with a vintage flare reminiscent of the old school pin striping present on so many hard tail machines out of the 80's. Whomever takes this machine home can be sure that they will have a head turning, smile inducing machine the whole family can enjoy.

    Any one can end up owning this machine, need not be present at TF14 to have this machine.
    You can participate via the 3WW Shop here, http://shop.3wheelerworld.com/produc...?productid=227

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Trikefest 2014 Fundraiser Build COMPLETE: Honda ATC150 started by Louis Mielke View original post
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    1. MattDragontamer's Avatar
      MattDragontamer -
    1. joesouth's Avatar
      joesouth -
      WOW, NICE. I would have a hard time giving that up!
    1. R.J.M.'s Avatar
      R.J.M. -
      All I can say is hahaha
      Very very nice work, the decals really topped it off
    1. C.J's Avatar
      C.J -
      I wanna buy some chances to win this lil beauty but I don't have the funds and I think I'm crying now! Lol

      Seriously though,,, that is a STELLER looking machine! Y'all really nailed it with this one, AGAIN!!! Wow wow wow

      Good luck to everyone who bought in!
    1. ironchop's Avatar
      ironchop -
      WOW!!!!!! I`m am so thrilled to be able to bring that home and put it in the garage.

      You did go ahead and put my name on it, right Louis?

      Cuz Ima win that bad boy!!
    1. Motorgidd's Avatar
      Motorgidd -
      Great job, that thing turned out awesome, I bet it rips! I love the big headlight.
    1. shovelryder's Avatar
      shovelryder -
      Sooooo.....We can still buy tix at TF??????? Ill keep room in the truck!
    1. Frankencelery's Avatar
      Frankencelery -
      Fantastic. Builds like that are lightyears beyond my ability. It's like UFO technology. COAs bought!
    1. kbatc's Avatar
      kbatc -
      Wow sweet...I'm in....paid...great work...
    1. blue27's Avatar
      blue27 -
      It is pretty!!!! and Louis put a ton of detail in to it. It was a pleasure working with Lou he had a vision and a plan. Buy up your tickets, not much time left.
    1. fabiodriven's Avatar
      fabiodriven -
      Outstanding job Louis. I could never have that much attention to detail.
    1. jakep53's Avatar
      jakep53 -
      can I buy coas even though I am in Aus??
    1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
      Billy Golightly -
      Yes. Shipping will be up to you, but we will accommodate and do the best we can to help facilitate it.
    1. czac's Avatar
      czac -
      Man that is one sweet lil bear!!! I bet it rips! Id love to be able to make my YTM 225 look that clean, everything is perfect... neat and tidy. Great job on the build!
    1. DohcBikes's Avatar
      DohcBikes -
      I cant stop looking at it!! I loved it when it was plain white, but now with the details, it's just over the top. I've said before i'm not a smalll trike kinda guy, but this is truly a gorgeous build in any motorsports arena. Excellent job well done by everybody involved!!

      Don't worry, I'll keep it real clean..... Ya right, I never win anything Good luck e'rbody!
    1. hoosierlogger's Avatar
      hoosierlogger -
      Quote Originally Posted by shovelryder View Post
      Sooooo.....We can still buy tix at TF??????? Ill keep room in the truck!
      I'll put one of my trikes in the dumpster if I am the lucky one to take it home.
    1. ATC-Eric's Avatar
      ATC-Eric -
    1. ironchop's Avatar
      ironchop -
      Quote Originally Posted by hoosierlogger View Post
      I'll put one of my trikes in the dumpster if I am the lucky one to take it home.
      The back of my rental van mysteriously resembles a dumpster as a matter of fact. Just put it in there.
    1. jeswinehart's Avatar
      jeswinehart -
      Basically 3 days of online ordering left folks. Next number available as I type is 522 (out of the 1000 available ~ that is all there is).

    1. scott zimmerman's Avatar
      scott zimmerman -
      when i win it i will donate 1 of my 84 kxt's for the next years build. thanks for the new un-ridden show piece.
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