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  • Facebook Submission Time! Robert Flounder's '85 350X

    Happy Halloween all you trike riders! Robert Flounder sent this one into us via Facebook. It definitely looks like a mean machine! This is his race trike, which he completely rebuilt from the ground up and installed a 400EX header and carburetor. She's definitely a beaut Rob, and we hope you take care of her. Long live the ATC's!

    As always, if you'd like your machine highlighted, send in a picture by attaching it in the comments with a short description. The more descriptive you are, the better chance you have! We are always looking for cool trikes to spotlight.

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    1. Caminofeld's Avatar
      Caminofeld -
      Nice trike!

      So what are the benefits of installing a 400ex carb/header?

      What year 400ex carbs will fit what year 350x's? (I'm considering this on my '86)

      Are there any additional parts or modifications required?

    1. slashfan7964's Avatar
      slashfan7964 -
      I believe the header has an improved collector design and larger diamter pipes to outflow the factory 350X exhaust, but requires some fitment (I've heard behind the kickstart it doesn't clear so it needs to be cut/grinded/rewelded). You might be better off buying an actual perfromance pipe.

      As far as the carb I believe it's a direct swap but might take some work to fit over the intake boot. You gain a few mm's (34->38mm) as well as an accelerator pump which is a huge bonus.
    1. slashfan7964's Avatar
      slashfan7964 -
      Deleted, double post.
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