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  • Jake Schmitz's Nasty 1st Gen 250R Build!

    Check out this seriously wicked first generation 250R build owner Jake Schmitz put together. The monster bike has a whole host of things done to it. Click the title for an entire rundown of the build.


    As promised, here's the rundown of the entire build. It's quite impressive!

    ~ +12" ladder style swingarm
    ~ 38mm Mikuni flatslide carburetor
    ~ Powdercoated Hondaline big bore cylinder head, cylinder, frame, swingarm, forks, foot pegs, axle, triple tree, front hub as well as other miscellaneous parts
    ~ 77.5mm Wiseco piston
    ~ Ported head
    ~ Custom built chain tensioner
    ~ 18x11x10 Hoosier tires
    ~ 6061 Douglas wheels
    ~ 14 tooth counter sprocket
    ~ 43 tooth rear sprocket
    ~ DG pipe and silencer
    ~ Boyesen reeds + spacer
    ~ Moose throttle
    ~ 400EX master cylinder
    ~ Works shock
    ~ Saddle man seat with a plastic pan
    ~ Durablue +1" rear hubs
    ~ Renthal handlebars
    ~ All new electrical system
    ~ New miscellaneous hardware, seals, bearings etc.
    ~ Maier reproduction fenders
    ~ Aftermarket clutch kit (not specified)
    ~ Oversize intake
    ~ NOS front brake caliper with new internals
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