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  • ATV on Demand Planning More Three Wheeler Classics Tests

    After two highly successful three wheeler classic tests and their respective builds that sent sparks through the ATV world, ATV on Demand is looking to continue their habit and is turning to our community for help. Check out all the details right here on 3WW.

    If you haven't already heard after all the press release, ATV on Demand is sending ripples through the ATV world once again, by supporting three wheelers. But they aren't just backing our sport, they are doing a whole host of things. Between all their reviews, product tests, shootouts and a host of other things, they take the time to go back and review our machines in a modern day fashion, to see how they've withstood the test of time. The original review began with a 1985-86 Honda 350X. After a very in depth review and being put to the test comparing it to modern day quads, they went out even further with a full on, several-thousand dollar motocross build that was so good, it made the front page of Dirt Wheels Magazine with a complete 6-page article as September 2014's feature.

    As if that wasn't enough, ATV on Demand turned around and did it again with the infamous third generation ATC 250R. Part one featured a classics test and review of the a stock machine as well as interviews with former Team Kawasaki racer Jimmy White and Allen Knowles from CT Racing. Part two featured, you guessed it, a fully built 250R. If you haven't seen these videos yet, we've embedded them below for your viewing pleasure, so be sure to check them out and show them your support.

    All photo and video credit to ATV on Demand.

    But that isn't enough for the guys at ATV on Demand. In fact their work has been so successful that they simply can't give it up; and the three wheeler videos and builds prove to be some of their most popular work. So they are back; and they have a lot planned.

    After many requests, they've decided to do the famous first generation Honda ATC 200X in a classics test. Word has it they are also planning to do a second generation machine as well with a compare and contrast video to follow. It's possible the first generation might also receive a build up, but we can't rule that out. Is that not enough? Nope! They've also got an ATC 250SX in the works as well. Both machines are being finished up and cleaned, and they are waiting for the weather to cooperate before they can begin filming.

    That's all find and dandy, but why is it all Honda stuff? Well it's not, because they still aren't done yet. Now they are looking to do a 1986-87 Kawasaki Tecate; and we need your help! ATV on Demand wants to film the machine at Trikefest 2015, but not without some requirements needing to be met first. They are:

    1. Attend Trikefest 2015
    2. Make your machine available for one entire day of filming, including both still and action shots.
    3. It must be fully detailed and dirt free (we think this means most likely as original and clean as possible)
    4. You must be willing to let their rider Rob Ray ride your machine. It should be noted that Rob respects other peoples equipment and won't push it as hard as he would his own.
    5. Skilled owners are invited to ride as long as you posses a full set of riding gear in good, good, clean condition

    This is not without their own disclaimer:

    By participating you are accepting full responsibility for any mechanical failures or accidental damage to your machine during, or after testing. You are also accepting responsibility for yourself, should you wad it up.

    You, yourself may also be able to start in the video. Should you wish to participate, you can leave a comment with a photo of your machine and any questions you may have for Joe here. We hope to see an overwhelming turnout in support for those who support our sport.

    As promised, here are the respective videos directly sourced from ATV on Demand.

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    1. hadar's Avatar
      hadar -
      Nice work. Looking forward to seeing more of these tests and machine overviews this year.
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