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  • Dynamically Unstable Racing's NORRA 1000 race - LIVE with Waypoints

    Dynamically Unstable Racing
    is the group of guys doing a historic run on a 250R in the NORRA 1000 race we've talked about before. The race is live right now and you can GPS track them at this link;

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    1. oscarmayer's Avatar
      oscarmayer -
      Team DUR is about to end the final Race stage and move into the transfer stage at a time of 6:31 (h:min)
      All they do now is follow the speed/transfer section riding it to the Stage finish for the day.(no racing in transfer sections)

      Great finishing today DUR!!! keep it up gents!!!
    1. oscarmayer's Avatar
      oscarmayer -
      7:28:28 time of finish online. Great Job Guys!!!!!
      long day tomorrow. get prepared and ready gents and best of luck!
    1. oscarmayer's Avatar
      oscarmayer -
      Today was not a good day for Team DUR. They had some issues that took them out for the day. They are planning on continuing tomorrow.
      (taken from race coordinator)
      Just heard over race ops that car Number 9is out for the day and will be hopefully repaired for morning
    1. oscarmayer's Avatar
      oscarmayer -
      After batteling with issues they got the trike working today and have made an awesome showing today! they are about half way or just over the halfway point and kicking (_)_) and takin names!!!

      Go Team DUR!!
    1. Cheetah Tires's Avatar
      Cheetah Tires -
      These guys are awesome, DUR making history. Us at cheetah high performance tires are extremely happy with this teams accomplishment of racing a 250r atc in the 2015 baja 1000 Norra. We are more than glad to be one of the companies sponsoring them.
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