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Billy Golightly

A sneak peak at the next dissection of a CPSC hearing transcript

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This next one I'm working on is almost 400 pages, and I'm reading it line for line and marking interesting stuff as I'm going. This one will take a while to get through completely and get put together in the same format as my first review of the CSPC hearing but in the mean time...here are a few interesting tidbits for you guys?

Page 65:
MR DeFIORE In the five accidents that you
19 investigated, in how many instances were the riders wearing
20 helmets or other safety equipment
21 MS JANSEN I don't believe we had a single one
22 where there was even so much as a helmet on them, which I
23 find curious Because I also know people who are involved in
24 the motor cross, fun types of things with children And
25 those groups are very safety conscious, very equipment
1 conscious And it's totally seems to be totally absent in
2 this particular area

MR DESMOND My name is Noah Desmond I'm 16
17 years of age My accident happened when I was 15 I was
18 driving around our house on an ATV, and I went to take a turn
19 I leaned into the turn, and the ATV turned too much There
20 was a car parked in our driveway I panicked and pressed the
21 accelerator instead of the brake I hit the left rear bumper
22 of the car and smashed my foot, my left foot, in between the
23 car and the ATC The ATV tipped once and was in the other
24 side of the driveway when I woke up
25 I would just like to say I think there is something
1 wrong with the handling on the ATCs, and I don't like the
2 setup, how they have the accelerator, the brake and the
3 clutch and everything all on the handlebars So I think that
4 should be changed There is something about that
5 Thank you

Page 108:

25 MR SCANLON Let me ask you this Would helmets have prevented any of the head injuries of these children?
JOSWICK I think in atleast two cases, had the individuals been wearing helmets, they would have stood an excellent chance of survival.

More to come...


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