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Billy Golightly

Site optimizations, and tracking down a big problem.

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Over the course of the near week now since we updated the site and forum software we've had a peculiar bug to track down. This isn't a computer forum, so I'll spare all the geeky details but to sum it up the webserver was getting hung up with a ton of processes, and wouldn't turn those processes off when it was done, and they would just keep stacking up until it was overloaded. This made the site very slow, or even completely dead and un-responsive at times. We've kept tweaking settings and making changes, trying to hunt down the issue, but I believe we finally have it nailed down. The site seems very quick to me in the last day compared to how it was. I'm not sure if we are out of the woods yet but its working much better than it has been at times in the last week. I want to really thank Dave (Gag_Halfront) and Rob (Zombo) for their Linux expertise and working with me to try and get this fixed.

I've also setup a "Mobile" style for those of you browsing the forum on your cellular devices. Its very cut down and text only. It should work pretty well even on very old phones with minimal internet capabilities. Give it a try and let me know how it works!

I've also modified some of the templating on the main /forum page. Upcoming events, and Today's birthdays are now displayed in a more high visibility location at the top, instead of down at the bottom. If you'd like to add an event to this area, use the "Calendar" link that displays in green text in the navbar once your on the forum (It is not accessible from the Blogs, or articles from the front page). This is great for letting people know about local rides and gatherings in your area. Anything coming up within 120 days is displayed here.


  1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
    Wellllllllll I thought I had it fixed but its doing it again, dangit!
  2. Billy Golightly's Avatar
    I did a few other changes and tweaks before I went off to California for the Gordons Well ride. I think the forum and site is working pretty well now. Between those changes and the latest bug patch I just did to version 4.01 we should be running a pretty tight ship now.
  3. sweetip2000's Avatar
    this web site is now a graphic memory hog
    double click google ad sense bogging down site performance.

    Not bitchin but I will make a suggestion PLEASE
    put all the specs of the different trikes the same way you had it before and put it in an area that is easy to find.

    Have a matrix comparison of all the different trikes
    cc dive train ect ect

    btw who put armchair racer in my profile ?
    whoever did that should be punished by riding a quad.
  4. Tekawte1's Avatar
    i can say that i have been away for about a year.. i used to be able to breeze through the old site.. now i feel like im dumber than a box o socks.. gotta sign in like 3 or 4 times till it lets me in.. cant find people.. seems i have no friends now so i re-added a few so far.. i dont know how to post any more..well i mean make my own.. i have figured out PM... idk.. but its not workin out so well so far.. does it still have the "BUG"???


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