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Billy Golightly

BLM gearing up for more regulation of Glamis and the Imperial Sand Dunes.

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If your one of many OHV enthusiast who calls Southern California’s Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (Glamis) your favorite riding location, then you need to listen up, read up and be active. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently announced the availability of the draft Imperial Sand Dunes...
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Although I'm from the Eastcoast, and have only ridden at the ISDRA one time (Gordon's Well) it was an amazing experience, and a totally awesome place to ride. Those of you guys that have this area for a local spot and can ride it religiously really ought to count your blessings and be thankful for it. In addition to being thankful, you need to be pro-active in the case of making your opinion on changes being heard and counted. Read the link above, Go to the American Sand Association's website, and also NOHVCC to find out how you can help preserve the riding areas we do still have.


  1. RiJiD-WILL's Avatar
    there is so much regulation in glamis it is already not worth the drive.
    when the national guard came and set up road blocks in glamis then herded everyone to their camps when the sand drags were running, that was the last straw for me.

    Dumont owns glamis anyway !
  2. rasorroad250r's Avatar
    I agree. Glamis is great and I am an asa member and supporter, but with all the bs out there Dumont is hands down the best! Bigger dunes too. Hopefuuly we can be proactive and keep them all open.


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