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Roll Call!

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  1. 250r'en +TCB
    250r'en +TCB
    I'm Devin, live in southeastern NH and own a 1985 atc250r
  2. cepdave
    Hi There,

    I'm new to this board. I live in Merrimack NH and have a 350X. Always looking to get together for a ride with other 3 wheelers.

  3. Amater45
    Hey, I'm Hunter and I live in Berlin NH. For 3 wheelers I only have an 83 bigred at the moment, but i ride all kinds of things!
  4. hokeplaya05
    Hi, I'm Corey, I live in southwestern NH, I have a 84 atc110. Mostly ride around in the wood at my house, but in the winter i bring it up to Winnipesaukee ice fishing and around local ponds ice fishing as well.
  5. Johnnyvette
    Hi I'm John live in Fairfield CT I have 86 350X,84 200x,85 250sx +more I been riding collecting and restoring them a long time now. I ride when I can in the woods and take trips up to VT.
  6. blackoutdodge
    Hi Guys,

    My name is Travis and I live in Quincy, MA. I moved up here last year from Cincinnati Ohio. I'm currently trying to get a parts list together to rebuild the lower end of my 1980 trimoto YT 125. The crank seals are bad (I performed a leak down test) and I want to replace all of the gaskets and seals while I've got it apart. Anybody have any advice?

  7. NETRA3
    My names Dave, I live in East Kingston,NH...Just joined the forum, I own an 85 Atc350x, Looking forward to meeting other three wheeler enthusiasts and attending new venues.
  8. 250r'en +TCB
    250r'en +TCB
    Hey Dave! I live in Hampstead NH so shouldn't be too hard for us to find one another! haha Maybe come spring time we can go out on the RR beds
  9. NETRA3
    No worries, My buddy and I have 350x's and ride in the fremont area....all trails,...... We try to avoid the rr bed....Looking forward to hooking up...Dave
  10. REBEL4X4
    I'm Mark, live in Rockland MA (south shore MA). I own a 1984 200s =)
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