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Remaking the Dunlop rear kt577a

  1. bboyrise
    The Dunlop kt577a will be back in the market soon, I invested in remaking these tires but Dunlop was not interested in it. So I invested 85k in the blue prints,compound and mold. They are being manufactured rite this second. I am trying to spread the word around on this cool site and as soon as they get shipped I will have them for sale on the 3ww store rite here. Tires are going to be the same oem tire the only thing I had to change was the name an model number because Dunlop did not want to team up on reproducing it so I had to go on my own. Same aggressive tread pattern, same size, traction and performance.
    This tire will be showing as high performance tires called CHEETAH hp577c 20x10.00x9.

    If you have any questions feel free to comment of message me,
    Thanks in advance.
    Hope I made some ones day!

    Ernest C.
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