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Headlight Delete

  1. EightyThree250R
    Hello boys and girls,

    I just got my first trike and love it. So, I've just fitted new bars and decided to delete the headlight (the tail light is also gone). The owner prior to me, his dog chewed off the headlight switch/kill switch and I did not realize that the wiring from the headlight/kill switch ran into the headlight housing. I cut the wire that runs up the frame into the headlight housing, effectively cutting the circuit to the spark plug.

    Has anyone completed a headlight delete and if so, which wires do I need to splice together to complete the circuit once more?

    Thank You!
  2. Kazi84R
    I will follow this. I don't have a headlight on my 84. The plug is there. Wanna sell your light? I will look in my book to see if I could be of any help if you haven't figured it out by now.
  3. ps2fixer
    The 250r uses a kill switch setup that shorts the black/white wire to the green/ground. Sounds like there's a short somewhere if it has no spark. Might not be your ideal solution, but I could make a race harness for your machine, however 84-85 has a CDI connector I can't get new, so I need one from a donor harness. 86 Style and the 83 and older style I have on hand though.

    Besides the short, I can't think of any other reason why it wouldn't run. Did you cut the tail light wire off too? There's a ground ring terminal that is required to be grounded for the harness to have connection to ground. Without it no lights, CDI, or Ignition would work.
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