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polaris scrambler 250R/es or Honda 350X??

  1. brandonj
    how many of you have a Polaris 3 wheeler?
    i had one in high school an i wish i still had it, However i do have 4 Polaris scrambler 250R/ES and one big red 200 se.
    i need help with the big red how do i get the rust out of the tank without hurting the paint??? please help
  2. sou' west nova
    sou' west nova
    hi i have a polaris scrambler 250 r/es i have been building it for over 3 years with pretty much everything brand new oem!!! i have thousands and thousands into this death trap hahaha lol i have never drove one before but i have bought 3 of these bikes locally as parts bike to fix up or strip plus all the parts that are new with i cant even go into listing it all unless i got alot of spare time this bike should be one of a kind when i get it done i have restored around 100 3 wheeler's some just sand blasting and painting and some all oem new witch i have sold most of them because i get broke every once in a while lol
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