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Can you give me some advise?

  1. 956welder55
    I have a 185
    It only runs on full choke. When I turn off the choke it bogs down. I canít even put it on half choke. Any suggestions would be helpful. Iíve already cleaned the carb.
  2. twomanytoys
    Ya gotta clogged pilot jet most likely. You need to pull the jet out when cleaning the carb. I use a tiny wire from a wire brush to make sure the orifice is clear.
  3. hovel
    A clogged pilot jet usually effects the idle and the first 1/4 of throttle operation. Sometimes a thorough carb cleaning involves a total disassembly and an overnight soak in Gunk. Rodding out jets and passages with fine wire is a great idea. A wire brush is a good source but I like orthodontic (ligature) tie wire. It is thin, stainless, flexible and scraps are usually free for the asking. If the pilot and the main jet are clean, maybe the problem is fuel flow to the carb. Make sure the flow out of the tank is a nice steady stream and then open the drain on the float bowl and check for basically the same flow.
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