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Early model atc110 motorswap options insights or helpful info

  1. Jwayne42
    I got a atc110 from when I was a child my aunt bought for my birthday in 99 its a 84 I believe and it sat for some years now and the valves had sand and pebbles holding the exhaust valve open and the piston is pretty slick but would have compression if it was for the top end but like I said it sat for long time timing chain ect aged with the seasons and I'm looking for a swap option even wouldnt mind going 2stroke but I have no clue about the mounting specs that bosses to the frame so forth and would be great to shine some light my way and help me out with info on mount specs as far as mounting to the backside of the Frame distances or what will be equevelant to it. Thanks in advance
  2. ps2fixer
    I think ATC90, ATC110, and early ATC125M shared the same engine mount pattern. Of course larger the engine, the longer the frame, so extending the ATC110 frame to fit the ATC125M might be needed, and also the electric start might cause fitment problems. I'm not super on top of these models, but should give you a solid place to start from. The ATC70 and China clone engines used a slightly different pattern.

    Those engines are really simple, and generally parts are cheap. Fixing it would be a lot cheaper I'd think. Did you see the timing chain rusty, or are you guessing? The timing chain isn't exposed to the weather with a valve stuck open. Sounds like you'd mainly need to pop the head off and replace the valves and put it back together, maybe with a new timing chain assuming the rest is in good shape yet.

    You can ID the year by the harness:

    Good luck
  3. Jwayne42
    Poorly sealed and such but I was leaning to go 2stroke its bare ready for painting I dont mind original but want to go a different route with this one
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