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1983 Tri moto 175 Carb needed

  1. Pudgy
    Gentlemen, is there any place on God's green earth that I can but a new spigot mount stock carburetor for my 1983 Tri Moto 175K. Not looking for something that has been modified. Mine simply will not respond to any adjustments to the low idle air screw. I have rebuilt and this torn this carb down too many times to count to find the problem, but no luck. Motor runs perfect, idle is a and adjusting idles screw and air screw only varies the RPM when rotating the idle screw. I can screw the air screw in till it touches or take it out and the idle does not change. I'm giving up and looking for a new carb unless someone has a brilliant answer. Thanks a ton,
  2. Zoila
    Hi, old thread- but is the idle rpm too low? Just a thought- maybe the throttle cable needs adjusting out near the handlebars? Did you fix the problem?
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