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200m misses at high rpm

  1. Snoopycomet61
    i have checked the timing and have set the valves swapped coils and cdi with my 200s. also changed the spark plug inspected my timing advance and it is moving freely also cleaned and inspected the carb removed the muffler thinking that the spark arrester was plugged. Lastly did a compression test and i had 150 psi. engine starts and runs smoothly at low idle but then starts to miss and has no power when pushed passed about half throttle. hoping someone has ran across this issue before
  2. reidinson
    hey so i'm not positive if this will help but i have had that similar issue a few times and i have found that it has come from a bad ground wire " in some cases there is 2 grounds one by the back of the motor and one by the cdi" i cleaned the connection up and than i had the full power trough all the gears. hope this helps you
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