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  1. dwleatherman
    I am having intermittent start problems. Usually, in warm weather my bike will electric start with the choke all the way up. Yesterday it started but it ran rough. Then later I couldn't start it at all. I had a feeling it was vapor locked from having the gas tank filled to the brim. I siphoned some of the gas off but till can't get it to fire. I pulled the plug, cleaned it up, and re-gapped it but this made no difference. I am looking for some DIY help.
    Thank you.
  2. ps2fixer
    Was the plug black? If so the carb is too rich. Normally rich is a bit of a chug type of sound. Lean is a white plug (super clean or white dust on it if it's been lean for a while), normally you get back firing or popping when lean. Sounds like a carb/fuel issue is going on with your machine. I've only had 1 machine that the gas tank vent didn't work in, I can ride the machine for about 5-10 mins before it stalls and doesn't want to restart, open the tank up and close it, and it's good to go again for 5-10 mins.

    If the machine is jetted correctly, you won't need choke for warm weather starts, or if you do it's only for a few seconds till you get a fire.
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