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Iím having issues

  1. Bubba10
    Ok so I pulled my carb off my 200 and cleaned it good never had an air filter on it before and ran great but would never idle. Iíve got it running again but still wonít idle. Iíve tried adjusting everything and still nothing any help appreciated
  2. Jack G
    Jack G
    Just requesting some more details here,

    1) Do you have a filter on it now?
    2) Is the engine/muffler stock?
    3) Does the carb have the stock jet sizes?
    4) How does it run at low throttle?
    5) Most importantly, what's the compression?

    You might find that you have some worn out rings. Just a guess, but I know I fought with my 200 because it was starting hard and wouldn't idle. Turns out having more than 30psi of compression helps a lot ��

    Before beating my head against the wall and changing jets/screw adjustments, i should have just checked the compression.
  3. Bubba10
    If I put a filter on it it seems to restrict the air to much
    Everything is stock that i know of
    Stock jets
    Low throttle runs decent
    Haven’t checked compression yet
    It’s starts great and runs decent with no filter just wont idle
  4. element77789
    Iíve had this issue when I got mine. I know you said you cleaned the carb but did you unscrew the jets and and blow both the pilot and main out, I had my carb apart a couple times and here they were just enough old gas corrosion that it clogged it up would run but not idle.
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