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atc 110 not running

  1. Carter Waldon
    Carter Waldon
    Iíve got a 1984 honda atc 110 and recently, it will not run. when it sits for a while or I spray starting fluid into the carb it will run for a few seconds, but other then that it just burps.
    I recently cleaned out the carb and it looks fine, I think its not getting gas into the piston, but I donít know how to fix it, can anyone give some guidance?
  2. rwsretired
    When you say you cleaned out the carb and it looks fine...what looks fine? Was there any white powder in the bowl? Is there any gas in the bowl? Did you remove the jets and look through them into a bright light? You should see light coming through the small holes in the jets if they are not plugged. If it runs with starter fluid, then it will run if gas is getting through the jets and into the intake.
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