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250es carb leaking problem

  1. briankshanley
    86 250es with leaky carb.

    Noticed one day a spot under bike. Looked up and noticed drain tube had gas dripping.
    Got a new kit from All Balls and rebuilt it thinking it was a float needle that hardened.
    Put her back together, cranked and ran fine. Next day, same puddle in different spot on concrete.
    The more i messed with it the more it leaked.

    Found another carb on ebay and ordered for 150.
    Got it in and went to strip it and it broke the air/fuel mixture needle. Drilled a hole and tried to use extractor and broke the housing.

    So, my question is, where do i go from here? Do i look for a new carb? Do i look for another rebuild kit from
    Shindy or someone like that? Is the brass insert that the float needle sits in removable? Im kind of lost as to where to go from here. Thanks for any info
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