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Tri Zinger Reproduction parts

  1. simple720
    Yamaha Tri Zinger and 4 Zinger Reproduction Parts

    - Repro Off/Run/Start Decals-$6 Free shipping
    - Repro Pull Chord Replacement ROPE,STARTER 36R-15751-00-00-$8 Free Shipping in the U.S. White and Red.
    - Repro Safety Tether Replacement DAMPER,STOPPER 36R-82556-00-00-$15 Free shipping in the U.S.
    - 3/100 Adapter hubs 4140 chromoly steel Replacement COLLAR,WHEEL B] 36R-25383-00-00[/B]-$90 pair Free shipping in the U.S.
    - Repro Rear Axles 4140 chromoly steel Replacement RING GEAR ASSEMBLY(Ring gear not included) 36R-46110-01-00-$250 Free shipping in the U.S.
    Coming soon
    - Repro Oil injector cable Replacement CABLE,PUMP 36R-26321-00-00
    - Repro Throttle cable 2 Replacement CABLE THROTTLE 2 36R-26312-00-00
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