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Looking to buy a Big Red

  1. Karmann
    Hello, I've been a member of this forum for years. I have been a fan of the Big Red since I was a kid. I had several trikes when I was younger but only scored my first Big Red (85) when I was in my 30's. It was a project bike that I made run and look good. About 5 years ago, I lost the Red in a total loss garage fire. It sucked pretty bad. I now have a house and would like a Big Red to do some work around the yard and as a hobby to work on with my son who is 7 and paying way too much time inside on electronics. I live in Massachusetts and haven't seen any for sale that are reasonably priced. I'd be willing to travel a bit for decent one that is mechanically sound. If anyone is in the area and has or sees one for sale (preferably an 85 or 86) or sees a barn find they are not interested in, leave me a post. I'd like to check it out. Thanks for looking.

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