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ATC500x project

  1. thrackerzog
    I am building an ATC 500X out of an old HONDA XL500s,
    Which surprisingly has ALOT going for it in its present form . Front half of frame minus lower loop are quite similar. Steering are 26mm . 35mm fork legs, IT WAS FREE, and it runs Im not 100% certain but i took some pretty good measurements with my EYEcrometer and i feel that the rear swing arm or a 450ex The 450 unit would be prefferable and i see that BVC has a HYBRID,
    WANTED new Guinea pig: must have access of a ATC350X for some tape measure sessions. I GOTTA BUILD A SUBFRAME, and it would be nice to know if my Eyecrometer measurements are correct on the swingarm pivot width,
    I have TRIPLES from both an 84 250r and an ATX350x 86' model,fresh front hub disc wheel axle spacers caliper,using an XR mcyl ,got a set of 9" rear rims n tires as well as fork lowers from 250r and still looking for 350x lowers,my XL uppers will work
    JUST NEEDING A FEW #S off a good ATC350X
  2. di_lul_lo
    I have an 86 350X that is still almost all original with the exception of the rear wheels and rear plastic. Anything I can help you out with let me know!
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