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Mikuni 21V Carb parts?

  1. Royster
    Hey gang. New to the 3 wheeler world. I recently acquired a 1984 YTM 200L. After cleaning the carb I can get it to start and run (kind of). After a couple of minutes, it stalls and won't restart until it cools down. I'm guessing there is an air leak. It has a Mikuni 21V 00 carb with the rubber boot on the intake manifold. That rubber looks pretty cracked. It looks like the rubber is attached to the metal part of the manifold that bolts to the engine. Any suggestions on where I can get a new rubber boot or do I need to get the entire assembly? I haven't seen anything available online.

    Would it be better to replace the entire carb? I haven't see direct replacement carbs but would a different model work? I know just enough about carbs to clean them up and basic tuning. Thanks!
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