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'87 250 BR Crankshaft/Rod replacement

  1. HBR250
    I just got a 1987 250 BR, but I bought it in pieces. Everything is pretty much there except a few things here and there and is stripped from the frame, so this is going to be an adventure.

    My question is, Has anyone on here replaced the crank assembly on these 250 BR's? I have already disassembled and spilt the case, and was wondering if there is anything special to do when putting it back together.
  2. HBR250
    Well, I finally found out how to change out the rod on the crank, and for the most part it's not to bad, if you understand how to calibrate and measure the tolerances when pressing the two crank halves together. Fortunately, I have dealt with working on other projects that required micrometers and dial indicators.
    My next part is putting the Trans back together.
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