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What, no Ice racing 3 wheelers to show and brag about? No hot set ups and gear review

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  1. Meat-BoX
    I thought the guys that love to hit the Ice would of loved to show their rides and set ups. Im seeing alot of Trikes hitting the ice here in the North East. Maybe we could all invade the Lake George winter carnival and blow everyones minds next year. Thats a crazy party up there.
    Maybe I did this group wrong. Never started one, its all new to me. Cant even figure out how to delete the pic of my Tecate.
    Talk about good gear, what works and what dont. I would love to see everyones set up and rides. What they use to clear a track and whats keeps them warm. Tricks of the trade are always good, always helps riders get better and safer. This could be a good group to get more riders into hitting the ice and pretty educational also. I would really like to see pics of the Ice racers and the parts their running. Good helmet cam video is always cool also.
    Man I love the Group pic. I hope the camera man shows up again this year.
  2. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    Great idea with the ice group.

    This will be my 5th year of ice racing up here on the NH/ME border but sadly I have never seen another trike. Sunday morning will be my first trip out on the ice for 2011. Last weekend the local spot had 15 quads. We run a 1/8 mile oval and a 1/8 mile ice course.

    I'll give more detail with pics after this weekend.
  3. Rollingmenace
    Well i thought id share some pics of my junk... out here in colorado were in week three of the ice season... we have a nice class of atc's that run... we run a bare tire class no studs here.
    My Setup
    82 atc 250r
    Stock motor
    30mm keihin
    stock headpipe old aftermarket silencer
    custom axle 1-1/2 offset
    15-38 sprockets
    10" dwt wheels all around 10x10 rear 10x5 front
    hoosier tires... 10x10 t-10,s on rear and a 10x5 tri trac on front

    Heres some pics

    heres a friend of mine on my 200x i sponsered her on two years ago

    Heres a pic of my setup on the dirt near where we race
  4. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    not a good start to my ice season, the pond was in bad shape from the 8 inches of wet snow leaving the track to soft to plow.

    i love the flat track pics above, thanks for sharing.
  5. ChrisD
    My setup....feel free to copy it if you like....

  6. Meat-BoX
    I remember that thread from a few years ago I think. Very impressive. Makes me think just how slow I will be against alot of other Trikes that are serious about racing on the ice. I will find out how it all runs and handles tomorrow. Got the last piece to the puzzle last night. A new UNI air filter. Im curious to see how quick the Tecate is and how it handles. I think I may have put too many Kold Cutters in the front tire but not sure. I hope to be able to meet up with you guys at Ice fest and maybe another weekend if possible. I have family in Hyde Park so maybe a trip may be in order to Greenwood Lake.
  7. ChrisD
    It's prettier than it is fast. Just because someone spent a lot of money doesn't mean they're fast. Balls make you fast and there is always someone faster. I try to learn from them. I guess were about 3 weeks away. It'll be good to meet you and more die hards like us! Bryan has been a tremendous host, is a great guy and puts on a great event even if you don't race.
  8. mtsnieg
    My '85 200x set up for the ice.
    --1 3/4" wheel spacers
    --1" wider offset Douglas bule label rear wheels w/ 1" Kold Kutters
    Duro 18" rear wheels ( free)
    --Kenda front max w/ 1/2" Gold Pros



    I live on a lake with a smaller road course track. Another small track 1/2 mile away. A huge 2 1/2 mile road course track 30 minutes away. Only one other trike, mostly bikes, really fast oneses with guys that can fly. I've been learnin alot, mostly that I need a way faster trike. I love my 200x, but it's only a 200x. My bike buddies can't believe I get around the track as fast as i do, But I'm like I got nothin for you guys, nothin! Need an R. Maybe this summer.
  9. mtsnieg
    Thinkin about sliding the forks up in the tripple a bit to lower the front end. I'm thinkin it might help me a bit in some of the tight ass turns. Still messin with the amount of studds in the rear. I started with one in evey nob, was way too much, took out half. Was decent then rebuilt the top end. Now I'm slidin all over the place with the freshy new top end power gain. Add one stud to one empty nob per row. Still a bit slippery, gonna have to add one more before this weekend. This summer I will buy a set of the chinsengs.
  10. Meat-BoX
    wtf I break it all down about my ride and the stuff thats been going on and its to many letters. Thats kinda lame.
    Anyways Im riding this weekend then to the dealer. New oil with less than 1 minute and it turned gray. They say its fine. Was all tested pressure and compression. Im paranoid and dont want to blow up a brand new motor. They said air can do that? WTF any time I look in the eye its new oil or Black. Any ideas? And I put about 750 Kold Kutters in my tires. Im gonna suck huh? Pics this weekend dead or alive. Will it blow if its got milky oil or air? Got to try to look good with all these sick Ice Beasts poppin up on the group thread. Group should have every ice racer in here, wtf?
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