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EP ice racing trike info

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  1. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    A quick rundown of what I started with and where i'm at today.

    This is the same trike I rode back in 1990 at the age of 16. I ended up sticking it under my dads deck in 1993 and never looking at it again untill 2006 at the age of 32. So this is what it looked like the day we carried it into the garage.

  2. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    The tear down and strip pics. I had 3 weeks to get it cleaned up and ready for ice season. Lucky for me I also had a trx to use as needed for parts as you can see in the first pic below.

  3. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    Spray paint works for me as this will be just a racer. pics are from 2007

  4. Meat-BoX
    Looks like you had a solid machine to start with. Nice job on her. What parts did you use from the quad and did you do anything special to the motor? Excited about hitting the ice this weekend for the 1st time. How many times you been out and hows she handle?
  5. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    all the stuff above is from the 2007 season. I ended up using pretty much the complete rear end since it was already cleaned up with fresh bearings and seals plus had a 3 inch extended axle on it. every thing swapped over with no mods except for the addition of 2 washers on the top shock mount. more on your other q's in the following post.
  6. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    The 2007 year went ok, I was pretty good considering the R was in stock form with a 15 year old piston, original reeds,exhaust and air filter. I learned alot and started to change the things that I thought were most important for the 2008 season. I felt the motor was fine so onto getting this thing to handle.

    here are the changes for 2008

    #1- Duro Blue Lowering strut for the rear
    #2- Douglas custom 10 inch front wheel
    #3- Chin Shin c826 rear tires
    #4- Douglas red label 8 inch rear wheels
    #5- Get rid of the air box and use a open K&N filter

  7. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    2008 was a great year, I found I was one of the faster guys every week so I left things how they were. If it works dont touch it.

    2009-2010 things started to change. Our group was getting bigger, we now had 15 guys racing a 1/8 mile oval at the same time. I felt the guys that beat me were just better riders.

  8. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    At the end of 2010 I was getting beat pretty bad by guys that I could normally beat. My 15 year old piston was giving up on me and with all the quads on the track at the same time the only way to pass was in the outside groove. Thats easier said than done because after 3 laps you have almost an inch of snow that gets pushed right where you need to go. So my goal for the 2011 season is to find a way to run the high groove.

    2011 changes
    #1- ESR 310 Complete top end (high end port)
    #2- ESR HiRev Pipe and silencer
    #3- 38 mm carb
    #4- ESR reeds
    #5- K&N Filter with Straight air intake
    #6- WP rear shock (setup for me)
    #7- Kold Kutter Kanadian Ice Screw (these are taller than the normal Kold Kutters)
    #8- 21x7x10 Razr front tire
    #9- Found a stock seat finally
  9. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    here are the pics of were im at today

  10. Rollingmenace
    lookin good man let me know how the new topend setup is working for you
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