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new to the group !!!!!

  1. sbjones73
    hey guys, i am new to the group an just wanted to say hi !!!!

    i am ride in wisconsin, and i am the guy that has gotten the studded trike class going within the SWIRA club. i am recovering froma a rollover truck accident, had to have neck surgery. so no ice racing for me this winter.

    but love to see other like me are out there. keep up the awesome rides and post pics and video's when you can !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. sbjones73
    sorry for the missed spelled words.
  3. sbjones73
    would post some pics but i am stupid when it comes to this crap, sorry.. ifigured it out ones, but sure as hell can't now dam !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Rollingmenace
    im running 15-38 sprockets on my bare tire first gen racer and messing with a 36 rear as well but for now 15-38 it seems to work for me.... as far as tires im no help as we run a bare tire class here and im running hoosiers all the way around
  5. sbjones73
    rolling menace, i did the bare tire class here in wisconsin. i didn't do the pro class (flat track tires like hoosiers) i used my turf tamers at like .5 psi's of air and they worked out almost to good. dam near flipped her backwards at the start. it was fun, i used 14-38, seemed good. tried 15-38 with the tamers. didn't work for me. but i want to move up to the studded class.

    i might build up a first gen 250r and race the bare tire class with one and use the other (84 250r) for the studded class. we shall see !!!
  6. sbjones73
    rolling what size front rim do you have and if it is not stock where did you get it and how much !!!!!!!!!!?

  7. Rollingmenace
    i used a douglas fromt rim for a trx 250r.. it is a 5x10 with 2-3 offset i had it drilled out to the 4x135 patern of the first gen hub and then had a 1/2 spacer made for the hub to get the offset correct... theres a thread on here somewhere bout using a banshee front wheel 10x6 to fit offset 3-3 and redrilled to work also
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