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sprocket sizes ?

  1. sbjones73
    i am interested in what size sprockets you guys are running.

    and also where are you guys getting your cheng shin tires from, getting harder to find. local guy might not get them in 18's next year i guess.

  2. eddie pettengil
    eddie pettengil
    We run on a 3/16 mile oval and I'm using a 14/38 tooth with 18" tires with a esr 310. I have not played with it at all. I need to shift 1/2 way down the straight and down shift getting into the corner. High revs all around the track .
  3. mtsnieg
    No ovals here, all road type tracks here. 14/40 on my 200x.
  4. Meat-BoX

    I forgot what I have. I went through Sidewinder and they were very helpful. I was at 72mph with the 20's on her so I guess I should go at leat 65 mph with the 18's

    From my old post
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