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Team Beatner Group

  1. atctim
    Basically this is for "us certain" Beatners who like to go out of our way to be extra Beatnery.
  2. Kintore
    I love being a beatner. My favorite past time
  3. keister
    I am unsure of the legitimacy of this group that I have joined.
    What are the requirements? Are there any associated fees?
    How do you weed out the riff-raff? or is the entire group riff-raff?

    Is the purpose of this group just to ride like an idiot and break things?
    Can any members fly? flip out? cut heads off?
  4. Kintore
    I can pick and flick boogers out of my nose???
  5. atctim
    This group is FOR Beatners - BY Beatners - kinda like FUBU except we are all white and wear our hats the correct way.

    Some of us in the group do certain magic tricks that may be considered "super powers" and the only requirement in this group is to drink like a fish approx 4 hours before the gate drops, yet maintain sobriety at the gate drop.
  6. keister
    Kintore inspired me to "beatnerize" my signature.

    Also, I was thinking - does his last name have anything to do with his favorite hobby? Should it be called T-Balling instead?
  7. atctim
    Team Beatner ride this weekend at Team Beatner Headquarters!

    Bring your Beatnery Beatner trikes and Beatner Beers!

    See you there!
  8. FastZ28
    WOW you Beatners know how to have a good time!!!! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that made this weekend a blast!!!!
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