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new to the group!

  1. jsmay
    hey guy's
    i'm going out on the ice this year... i've been watching from the shore for a few years and decided what the hell. I have a 200x thats a work in progress. I know its not an "R" but i'm in it just for fun and something to help get through the cold months here in NY. Any suggestions on what to use as far as a set up are welcome... I know the lower the better.. has anyone ever run 16" tires? it seems the cheng shin 18" are the ticket... but was wondering if anyone has feed back on 16"?

    thanks jason
  2. sbjones73
    jason, welcome to the group. !!! nothing wrong with a 200x man.

    as far as the 16, i personally have never seen anyone runn one on the ice. but i am around mostly quads.

    good luck and keep us informed !!!!!
  3. jsmay
    thanks man! well I ended up with the 18" cheng shin tires. My new question........how many studs per tire for a mild, very mild built 200x.. I wanna slide and have fun so i dont want to over stud(if thats possible). thanks again.
  4. sbjones73
    i would say something like 1 per lug in the rear or maybe you could try one every other lug in the rear and see how that works. you can always add more later if you want. and whatever you want to do up front.

    good luck !!!!!!!and keep it sideways!!!!!!!!!
  5. jsmay
    thanks! thats the plan.........sidways is always better.
  6. mtsnieg
    Last winter I rode my 200x on the ice. Although a bit underpowered for me, it did well. I mostly ran with moto bikes with experienced riders. One track was a 3 mile road course type track, I had absoutely nothing for the bikes. Other tracks varied about a mile(ish) tight turn tracks. Again I got smoked by the bikes, but notnearly as bad as the big track. Quads would come and go. Mostly go cause I woud beat em or keep it close. One guy inparticular showed up with a sweet 400ex, saw my 200x and started laughing. I said lets go do a 10 lap moto for a case of beer. Never saw him after the second turn. He was pised, but went and brought back a case of beer.
  7. mtsnieg
    I don't have a set of chen sings, but I remember hearing about around 350 or so lugs. One stud per lug will be too much traction for a 200x. I started last year with about 285 studs per tire and it would not slide at all. I ended up with about 215 or so per tire. Worked very well for me. As for the front tire I ran a new Kenda Front Max with three studs in the center lugs and three in the lugs outside the middle lug and it worked for me.

    I'll be runnin the 200x again this winter to start, my 250r still has a month or so till it's ready.
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