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Hello and help

  1. leiterterry
    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to say hi and tell you what kind of Yamaha 3 Wheeler I own.

    It is a 1985 Yamaha 225DR. I just happened to be rabbit hunting on this farmers property and seen it parked beside the barn.
    I inquired about it and after some time and a little money I owned it. I am happy to say that this 3 wheeler has given me and my grandson many hours of fun driving around in the fields looking and stopping to explore.

    I don't know if this is the time, but I am having some issues with my electrical system. Every time I install a battery, my head light bulb only lasts for a little while before it burns out. Some kind of over charge or something.

    I also noticed that the battery is not being charged while
    alex and I are riding around on it.

    If someone would be so kind as to help me Alex and I would appreciate it.

    So I would like to say hi and help at the same time.

  2. mountaincat2001
    im guessing the voltage regualtor... I m going through the same thing on my arctic cat ext and thisis what the dealer told me. Hope this helps. I wish others would help me when i need it! thought this is what this site is for ....frustating. But, any way bro. hope it helps. If this isnt it, i would get a volt meter and check your voltage at your stator and your voltage regulator
  3. mountaincat2001
    and BTW welcome to the site and group. I have a 85 1/2 tri z 250
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