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hello all

  1. stickinto3wheel
    hello i have a 85 YTM 200ERN i would like to restore it back to great condition. Im the second owner my current employer bought it original back in 85. This bike just need the fenders restored and a couple lil things an its prefect
  2. Griff747
    What kind of lil things? I got a 1984 200e (Almost the same in a way).
  3. stickinto3wheel
    the biggest thing im concerned with is getting the plastics looking good again they got the orange peel feel to them and faded. otherwise i need to find a original muffler mine has holes in it.
  4. Griff747
    You're not the only one looking for an original Muffler. Mine happens to be extremely rusted out with cracks and holes, and even the tip of the exhaust is bent. Otherwise, the Yellow on mine is fading away badly, and might have to look into re-painting it. Otherwise, I'm having problems getting it just to start up. I think it may be the C.D.I. unit, or the C.D.I. Magneto (I have no clue what a magneto is ). You can look into the new member discussion to see my progress so far with the Yamaha I got (http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...ot-Restoration). I may post pics so I can show my progress with it.

    UPDATE: I have now posted pics on my progress thread.
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