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Selvy's 200R Rebuild Question

  1. jks217
    I am rebuilding my 1985 Honda Selvy 200R after sitting for 15+ years. I had an after market flywheel stator installed back in the day and has since fallen apart from sitting in oil from leaking crank seals. I going to try and revive it, but am wondering if the Selvy's required a special ignition system or would a stock one work?

  2. nstyle73
    I am pretty sure that you can use a stock ignition. My Selvy's 250r has a stock ignition. A cr250 ignition is a good upgrade.My 200r kit came with an aftermarket ignition with Selvy's engraved on the stator plate that Rob said he had ARD make the cdi for. The cdi had a built in retard in the upper RPM's. The stator looked similar to a PVL. I can email you some pics if you would like to compare to find out. If you are looking to switch over, I would be interested in the cdi portion if it is good and/or looks like it is from the same type of setup.
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