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BWard's Selvys experience

  1. NINJA
    Brian PM'd me about his Selvys experience last night and asked me to post this in here for him.

    Ninja, and everyone else. Thank you for this group. I am a Professional Auctioneer and Personal Property Appraiser. I just moved from Big Rock, IL. West of Chicago, IL. To Greeneville TN on 73 acres in the mountains. Back in 1983 I started racing a Honda ATC 200x, first stock class which had hundreds of racers in that class, as I got better, we started modifying and started racing in the mod classes and also open classes, with very good success. In 1984 a fellow 200x racer bought a Tecate and sent it to California to have Selvy build him a racing 200 wheeler. When he got it back he raced it one time and hated it. I rode it and fell in love. That was by far the wickedest wheeler I ever had the opportunity to race.
  2. NINJA
    continued experience:

    I bought it very cheap, Went racing with it and although it was a wicked fast smooth handling wheeler it kept braking down,( not Selvy's fault) at least 50 % of the time, as where our 200x rarely did, which I rode the X back then as a back up. Needless to say after a year and a half of racing the Tecate and the X I had the chance to race for Yamaha and their Tri-Z. I did and then sold the Tecate and the X. If any of you Selvy owners have never ridden one. Ride it. If anyone has any Selvy Honda 200R parts they would like to sell or a complete Selvy 200r, Please let me know. Never rode a 200r buy with the reliability of Honda and Selvy’s magic I can only imagine what it must be like.
  3. NINJA
    continued experience:

    I had to ride that Tecate 200 in such an aggressive way, but it was sooo smooth, and sooo fast. Just awesome. Fox shock on the back and a sub frame, plus the work he did on the tranny etc. I have an 86 R frame that I would Love to make a True Selvy 200r, but it will take quite awhile, Again, if anyone would like to sell their Selvy 200R please let me know. It will be loved, cherished and ridden. I unfortunately have no pictures of my Selvy Tecate 200, I hope to meet you all in the future
    Thank You,
    Brian Ward
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