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What, no Ice racing 3 wheelers to show and brag about? No hot set ups and gear review

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  1. mtsnieg
    Yeah, the too many letters got me too. As for your oil, what trike, motor, condition, weather temps. I run nothing now but Amsoil. Change it every couple hours. Expensive yes, but worth it in my book. I changed my oil last friday after completion of breakin in new top end. Oil was kinda greyish I guess. Probably from rings seating on fresh bore crosshatching. Ran it like I stole it all over two ttracks all day sat and sun. Chanded oil again on monday and it still looked new. I love fresh engines.

    I probably have 100 give or take in each rear tire now. Gonna have to up it by about 35 ish the way I got it figured. But the tracks change.
  2. sbjones73
    i have run into the oil turning greyish. i found out that after running, and getting warmed up and then shutting off, some condensation occured. this caused greyish oil. i changed my oil every other race last year. i also did not want to loose and engine. !!!!!!!!!!
  3. ChrisD
    You probably have a bad water pump seal. That is usually he culprit.
  4. twotimetommy
    good rear ice racing tires are cheng shin 18x9.5-8 C826's they work amazing when studded and only about 15 pounds of pressure in them, a good tip for ice screws is fill your tire about 5psi over the max with air and then put your screws in, then let your air out down to preferred psi and they will tighten around your screws more. also screw them in on a slight angle. ( gets a better bite)
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