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Problems with my 200X

  1. Bbest
    I recently went to purchase another Honda 200X. The owner assured me that it ran but was a little cold natured so we should try to pull start it to keep from a bunch of kicking. We pulled it around in high gear and all was going as it should she was trying to pop off and the light was coming on. All off a sudden the light went out and it started to make a low end growling sound so we stopped and went back to the shop. Pulled the plug and kicked it over a few times to see if it was getting fire. It was. The low end growling sound isn't noticeable when kicking it. Put finger over the whole and no signs of gas or smell. So think problem not starting is from not getting gas. But my main concern or focus is the noise and light going out. Anyone have any input or diagrams of what I could start with. Thanks in advance.

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