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1984 Yamaha tri zinger 60 brake drum removal

  1. ABugg
    I am in the process of replacing brake pads and am not sure if the brake drum nut is reverse thread or not. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Tri-Z 250
    Tri-Z 250
    There is a full complete manual link on this site. I use PWsOnly.com for topends and various parts. I’ve eliminated the oil pumps and replaced the carb(18mm/kx60) and run Uni pod air filters. I premix my own gas at 50:1. DG and others still make pipes...yes they make a difference but are extremely loud. Stock pipe fine but be sure to remove the restrictions plate off the exhaust between pipe/head.
  3. Tri-Z 250
    Tri-Z 250
  4. Jburke
    What all do I need to run a kx 60 carb? About done with the one I'm building for the kids to learn on but the carb looking pretty shot
  5. Tri-Z 250
    Tri-Z 250
    I use a Blaster cable to eliminate the stock split system. It’s a bit long but works just fine. Getting custom cables through MPro was difficult at best when I inquired. Since their move things may have settled. The carb may need some small mods where the clamp portion mounts. The ears between could use a small file to gain 2mm more gap to tighten to manifold intake tube. I take a sawzall blade and do it by hand very simple.
  6. Tri-Z 250
    Tri-Z 250
    PWonly.com has parts: oil pump block off, center pad, ignition cable, TopEnds. I modified a square FatBar pad(minor trim) it really fills the space and 10x the protection.
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