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  1. Garbear2169
    I have a 82 yt125 that the head has been shaved .030 and bored over to the second over sized piston, I have removed the stock air box and ran the stock carb which ran fine until the cable started fraying and keep sticking the throttle open, so I removed the old stuff and went with twist throttle and new throttle cable and a pwk24 with main jet 135 and pilot 42, it idles fine and runs until u hit 1/2-3/4 throttle it just bogges out also it won't go past 5-6k rpms, it think it running rich bc it just bogs bc on a 2 stroke lean condition would just make it running like a rapped ape, so my question is has anyone tried to switch their three wheelers over to a pwk and if so what jetting did u use
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