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1986 200x rear shock rebuild or replacement?

  1. Hlu27
    I am wondering what parts are needed for a 1986 atc 200x rear shock rebuild, and what to look for one it's taken apart to make sure it goes together right and works properly. Or if bringing them to the shop is the best idea? I have rebuilt front shocks on a 01 yz 250 dirtbike.
  2. Sharkeysmachine
    The rear shock is completely different than front forks - rear is gas charged, so be aware of that. I looked at Bike Bandit and don't see any internal seals offered from OEM, and nothing for the rear shock in aftermarket. However this does not mean it can't be rebuilt, there are always specialty companies out there that can do them.

    I'm in a similar situation with the 84 200X I just acquired - very limited parts available. I'm now starting a list of comparisons to those Chinese knock off ATV's that are all over the internet.

    Good luck.

    Ain't No Ways, Like Slide Ways
  3. Jack G
    Jack G
    I have been doing a lot of research on rear shocks for my 85 200X recently. I have sent out quote requests as well as asked a few members on here for advice about their setups and recommendations. Here's some general info I have found:

    Simple Shock Rebuild ~ $100-150 PLUS Parts
    Call around. I managed to find a place near me that would rebuild my shock to the best of their ability. The seal kits etc. are available but if anything else is damaged, they won't be able to help you out. The well known suspension shops will happily rebuild them too, but they typically charge more.

    Valve and Spring for Rider Weight/Riding Style ~$200-350 PLUS Parts
    Places like Race Tech, KB5, Schmidty Racing, and SF Racing will do simple rebuilds as well as valving and change springs for a personalized suspension setup. Many of these places will even powder coat springs to your specifications, anodize the shock bodies, and repair/replace damaged shafts.
  4. cschneider1988
    I just rebuilt my 85 200x and had my stock rear showa rebuilt and re charged. They did a good job and quick too
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