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I just got my first 3 wheeler and I am so stoked

  1. 3wheelbancher
    So i went to go and get a truck from a guy off C-list and the guy turned out to be a really nice knowledgeable dude.. I have a 2003 duramax and I put my Ramsey winch on my bumper that morning because I had to get it out of my buddy's yard.. long story short I left with the Kawasaki ktl 110 and it fired up first pull and I've since cleaned the entire thing but I'm having some issues with my left back tire.. it's wobbling a bit , other than that it is awesome .. I would like to track down some parts for it (fenders, bars, new seat) I can't figure out how to post these pictures .. so could someone school me .. I would love to hear some feedback
  2. 3wheelbancher
  3. mattvey
    Did you ever figure that out?
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