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1985 big red build

  1. Holland
    Hello all!!
    I have a build I'm going to start working on here in couple wks. I'm starting with a 1985 250es minus the axle. I have aquired a cheap 1987 trx250 with the axle all intact. I don't think it will bolt directly up.......but.......after part number comparisons I see the 1986 trx250 in part numbers between the 86 and 87 are the gear set final drive and rear swing arm. Now I know people have taken 86 trx250 whole swing arm assembly and bolted up directly to 250es atcs. My question is are the only differences in the gear sets the actual # teeth to change gear ratios? And shaft propeller and yokes should all line up being same part #? Bc I can get a 1986 trx250 swing arm an use all the parts I have to bolt up to my big red
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