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Engine kx 250 vs kxt 250 tecate 3 engine

  1. Maciejtecate87r
    Hello, what is the difference between the KX250 87 engine and the KXT 250 TECATE 3 engine
    I know that the ignition and gas fuel are different and I have heard that the gearbox and the size of the power valve differ. is anyone able to describe the differences for me?
  2. christph
    What year KXT engine, 84-85 or 86-87? The KXT usually got the hand-me-down engines from the KX, i.e., they were a generation or two behind. The 86-87 KXT was a power valve similar to the 87 KX, but the KX had a few different design features, especially the cylinder and power valve mechanism. I think they had identical or similar mounting points.
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