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200ES CDI (change to square socket CDI)

  1. Halltoad7
    I am having trouble getting a round connector CDI for my 200ES that works. I have sent several back to Amazon. I have read the following very old post:

    "ThatCDImodule you linked to mentions advance timing etc.. The200ESCDIis a straightCDI, no internal electrical timing advance, its just the mechanical advance on the camshaft that adjusts the ignition timing. As for a ready to use unit, you are better off doing the age old modification to the200ESthat involves removing the roundCDIconnector and replacing it with the more common rectangular connector then you can replace it with any old 5 pinCDImodule."

    The part source mentioned doesn’t seem to be in business. Can someone recommend a square socket CDI on Amazon and where to get the square connector. Also a pin to pin wiring diagram for the conversion. The one in the post is too small to see clearly.

  2. Halltoad7
    What's with the tires? <grin> Newby mistake?
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