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1986 Polaris

American Made
Models Made: The Scrambler

Scrambler "Early"

From the generic book I have, I know they updated the Scrambler in the middle of the model year. The updates are under "Late" at the bottom
NOTICE: This info might not be 100% correct. I don't have a factory book for this model. If you have one for it and can get me some info. Please let me know . Thanks, Howdy
Frame number??
Engine number??
Engine type2 stroke, Air cooled
Displacement244 cc
Bore x Stroke72 x 60 mm
Horse Power 20hp @ 6200rpm
Compression ratio 8-1
Transmission speedsF-N-R Variable speed
Clutch Type Variable Automatic
Oil Capacity2 Qt
Carburetion 30mm Mikuni
Starting systemElectric
Fuel capacity4 Gal with .4 Gal Reserve
Wheelbase 48"
Overall Length74"
Overall Width43"
Foot Peg Height9.5" / Non-Folding FloorBoards
Ground Clearance5.5"
Seat height31"
Front tire22 x 11 x 8 Dunlop
Rear tires22 x 11 x 10 Dunlop
Front suspensionTelescopic Forks, Trailing Axle, 5.1" Travel
Rear suspensionSingle Preload Adjustable Shock, 6" Travel
Front brakeMechanical Drum
Rear brakeMecanical Disk ( Hydraulic ? )
Final driveChain
Wet Weight386 lbs (Full Tank)
Approx. retail new$1,968.00

Scrambler "Late"

The Late model had all the basic's above plus these
Added saftey featureReverse speed limiter
Added safety featureReverse override switch

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Polaris 1986 Spec's

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