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The 3 Wheeler Poem
‘Ode to the Trike’

By Christopher L. Palmer
Lots of negative comments from various people compelled me to write this little poem. Not Longfellow by a long stretch but here it is.
Later, Chris

‘Ode to the Trike’

by Chris Palmer

They say my bike’s a relic of days long since past
That it’s best times are over, and really not all that fast
They say that it’s too risky, why would you ride that thing?
Don’t you know one day, you’ll be in a body sling?

Isn’t that thing illegal, didn’t Uncle Sam say stop?
Didn’t they already throw in the towel, and call that thing a flop?
The chassis cut in half with a torch, the motor pulled and stashed
You say you did me a favor, stopping me before I crashed

The magic, pride, joy, and thrill that I’ve had over the years
Will never be forgotten just because of somebody’s fears
1 wheel, 2 wheels, 3 wheels or 4
How you ride it means much more

You said that things were better now, felt like you were in heaven
Since all those blasted 3 wheel machines died in ‘87
Yet here I remain in the saddle of my infamous atc
Just to remind you that you didn’t get the better of me

Although my bike is unstable as you would like to say
I couldn’t imagine myself riding in any other way
You say that I’ll regret it, that I must not be too keen
All you’re really admitting is that you don’t know how to “lean”

You tell me 4 wheels are better, that it’s a safer way to ride
I’ll try to keep that in mind my friend, the next time I roost your hide
You say 4 wheels are superior, modern marvels of the time
You just keep on thinking that when you see me turn on a dime

Banshees, warriors, blasters, and the ultimate raptor rule?
You go ahead and pay 5 grand, and you’ll look really cool
I choose Tri-Z’s, 350X’s, tecate’s, and 250r’s
To me they are and will remain the true shining stars

Scoff, laugh, and jester all you like about my toy
Say it’s a joke, a pansy ride, built for a little boy
One day you’ll see me fly past you, in a blurry flash of light
With roost on your head and dust in your eyes you’ll realize that I’m right

To those of you who’ll join me, to be proud to ride 3 wheels
Don’t ever forget the joy you’ve had and how exciting it feels
We may be the few, the brave, the last of a dying breed
But our atc’s still live on, and quench our thirst for speed.

The End

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