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Back In The Day

This page will be fun for alot of you older guys who were actually around back in the 80's when all the trike racing was at its prime.This is going to be pictres that were taken only by people who were actually at races. No magazine scans, only original photographs by spectators/racers at events threewheelers competed at.

1985 Lorreta Lyn's Grand National Championshop Compliments of Wes (Catfishwhisker) and waterpumper for his time on scanning these and uploading them to the site. Definetly some must see pictures here.

1981 SCORE Bridgestone World Championship Single picture submitted by retired Pro Racer, Rodney Shedenhelm of him racing a ATC250R at the 1981 SCORE Bridgestone World Championship.

Speedway 117 Browns Field First race the ATC250R ever appeared in. Courtesy of Rodney Shedenhelm who was there and seen it first hand! Riders include Sundahl, Wax, and Ace Williams.

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